Softcat offers Cisco Smart Accounts for smooth and efficient management of all your Cisco software assets. A single, central online location makes it easier to find, manage and control your Cisco licences, so you don’t have to worry about filing or losing electronic or paper versions. Rather than being assigned to a specific individual and device, the account is assigned to your organisation, simplifying management and oversight. We can help you migrate from traditional licensing to smart licensing.

Cisco Smart Accounts with Softcat

How to register for a Cisco Smart Account

The Softcat Cisco Software Team are here to help speed up the process of registering your Cisco Smart Account, and ensure you are maximising the benefit of the portal. Follow our step-by-step process below to get started!

 Cisco Smart Accounts with Softcat Includes



Download the Cisco software value framework

Why Softcat for Cisco Smart Accounts?

Cisco Smart Accounts is the new and efficient way to manage your licences. We will help guide you through the set up to ensure you're getting the best out of the portal and then offer 24/7/365 support. As a Cisco Gold Partner Softcat are fully endorsed by Cisco to offer a higher level of technical support along with our suite of professional services. From advising on the most appropriate software through to supporting adoption and then management, our expert team also provide a direct line for efficient problem resolution through Softcat's Cisco Support Service.

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