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Reduce the complexity and cost of fighting cybercrime.

With over 20 years as a leading provider of cyber consulting services and technology, AT&T provides a highly effective, reliable partner, in the world of Cybersecurity.

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Softcat and AT&T have partnered to deliver the technology and security services to help detect, protect, and respond

The partnership with Softcat has provided customers with the best-in-class Cybersecurity management needed to protect critical data and businesses intelligence. AT&T looks forward to leading the way in conjunction with Softcat’s managed security services for many years to come.

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Award Winning Partner

AT&T has identified Softcat as a leader in Cybersecurity services, as their ability to utilize world-class detection and response with USM Anywhere has proven to be an effective solution in the fight against cybercrime. Proactive threat intelligence from AT&T Alien Labs and the Open Threat Exchange (OTX), are just some of the technologies used to keep your business secure in an unsafe digital world.

Enhance threat detection and response capabilities

Defend your endpoints from sophisticated cyber threats and automatically detect and respond directly from USM Anywhere

Reduce unwanted “noise” by collecting only threat data from the endpoints. Integrated endpoint threat data correlated with USM Anywhere event data detects behavioral patterns across assets. Investigate incidents efficiently with rich and contextualized threat data in a single pane of glass

Gain a more complete picture of your assets

Easily create, update, and merge assets directly from USM Anywhere

SentinelOne asset discovery identifies unknown or unsecure Windows, macOS, and Linux® devices through passive scans. It automatically integrates your asset data with USM Anywhere to create an authoritative view of assets.

Accelerate time to response with improved visibility

Threat impact assessment using relevant risk context unique to the business

Gain a centralized view of your entire environment and any threats detected at the endpoint, allowing you to respond more quickly. This enables you to quickly prioritize threats based on the latest Open Threat Exchange (OTX) and Alien Labs Threat Intelligence and business context

“Softcat is one of AT&T's most valued managed cybersecurity partners in Europe. The Softcat team consistently excels at utilizing the visibility and insights centralized on USM Anywhere across many dynamic business verticals. The team of cybersecurity specialists at Softcat provide seasoned security expertise in client environments by enacting superb proactive security measures. Native security teams can spend more time on business-critical tasks when working in partnership with Softcat, and AT&T identifies them as an MSSP leader.”

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Find out how we can protect your systems from cyber threats.