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Explain IT podcast: Securing a multi cloud world

In this episode, we’re discussing security in the multi cloud environment and why organisations need to look differently at securing a hybrid or multi cloud setup

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Why Softcat

We provide bespoke, innovative end-to-end technology solutions that help your business and organisation to succeed.

“In the eight or so years I’ve worked with Softcat, it’s become clear that its focus is on relationships, not box shifting. I’ve always felt a valued customer, despite Softcat’s considerable growth in recent years."

"Unlike other providers, with Softcat it’s much more than just a transactional relationship – it’s a partnership characterised by a deep knowledge of our current situation, our forward-looking strategy and wider trends within the HE sector."

“Softcat brings a deep understanding of the local marketplace to every engagement, It gave us confidence that its recommendations would deliver enhanced efficiency and security, while helping us align with the Welsh Government’s wider digital strategy."

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