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The Wonderful World of Workstations

The Wonderful World of Workstations

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Workstations Lenovo award 01

Carla Murphy

Lenovo Business Manager

Providing intelligent performance for a range of applications; workstations are purpose built with high performance and heavy workloads in mind. The workstation market has been growing at a significant pace, with systems designed to be flexible, matching your requirements and budget.

Workstations are fast, reliable, have huge memory and large hard drives for optimum performance. They have proved an excellent choice across many industries where demanding applications are required, increasing productivity, improving reliability and encouraging creativity. We’ve seen particular benefits in the following markets: 

  • Oil, Gas and Energy - harnessing the power to run complex simulations, data processing and imaging
  • Engineering and Architecture - turbocharged CAD and CAE applications for powerful graphics and faster achievements
  • Media and Entertainment - with faster processing speed and certified software you can count on
  • Finance - computing huge streaming data sets and the reliability to protect your traders and your reputation
  • Medical Science - access powerful data analysis and high res medical images

IT hardware giant Lenovo has been working with us at Softcat for thirteen years, and in partnership we build workstation solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the organisations we support, across many markets.

Lenovo's expertise and forward-thinking approach has seen the company grow at a rapid rate. We have developed a strong partnership, combining our skills and knowledge to deliver effective solutions. Softcat is one of only twenty Workstation Expert Partners and we were recently awarded their "Workstation Value Add Partner of the Year", supporting Softcat's vision to always provide the best solution and value for its customers. Graham Matthews, Lenovo's Workstation Business Development Manager said, "Softcat is focused on the professional graphics space and through its knowledge of the industry and emerging technology trends is able to support its customers with workstation and client devices which meet their needs."

Pictured (l-r): Hannah Stone, Alliances Manager ; Chris Healey, Lenovo Workstations Business Manager ; Carla Murphy, Lenovo Business Manager

There are some exciting developments in the workstation sector, which Sam Trinder, Westcoast's Lenovo Workstation BDM explained to us, "Lenovo’s innovation is now at a level where they are leading the market in areas that before were not explored. The success of the Tiny workstation has led to a 2nd generation being launched within the coming months and they are now first to market with a 15-inch VR ready mobile workstation. All of Lenovo’s current and new products are all coming with the Major ISVs testing and approval making planning, purchasing and use worry free for specific applications."

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Workstations are versatile and flexible, providing an efficient way to render complex graphics, create digital content and quickly store and recall large jobs. If you’re interested in what workstations could do for you, contact your account manager.