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Take control of cloud and harness its power to take your business higher, with Softcat and our Cloud capabilities

Public Cloud Overview

Public Cloud | Overview


It’s clear that cloud is popular – but it’s not as straightforward as many think, as organisations can find it hard to make cloud work efficiently.

It’s important to recognise that not every business needs the same level of cloud service to ensure they are maximising the value of their cloud investment.

By listening to our customers, we’ve developed services that align with their distinct requirements to ensure they can fully exploit the potential of the cloud and their partnership with Softcat – whatever their needs.

When we spoke to our customers about their cloud needs, their priority concerns are:


  • They want to get time back, removing Business As Usual (BAU) dependencies on internal IT.
  • Reduce technical debt by migrating infrastructure to the Cloud and modernising applications & data to overcome legacy technology dependencies
  • Reduce cloud waste, balancing cost and sustainability
  • Security remains a big challenge, so embed security into cloud adoption every step of the way.

of Cloud spend is wasted*


of IT leaders say a lack of specialist skills is holding their organisation back**


of IT Leaders see modernising legacy systems as their top priority, and 60% believe migrating applications to the cloud will help reduce technical debt.***


While cloud is already a cornerstone in a lot of businesses, many are still looking to extract more value from it.

Our Cloud Services are therefore designed to support your many different phases of growth and maturity by providing access to capabilities that address your typical goals or challenges.

We allow you to leverage our investments in skills, tooling and automation and crucially benefit from some of our unique service features – such as, Innovation Points, a scheme where Softcat re-invests your spend to support your innovation initiatives with funding towards further Softcat engagements or with our specialist partners


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We define where you are and guide you from the starting point to the destination you require:

  • Hybrid Cloud Strategy
  • Our solutions are designed to support you:

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    Getting Time Back

    Softcat Managed Services can help you alleviate time pressures within your existing team by extending it with our cloud native practice for 24x7 PlatformOps.

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    Reducing Tech Debt

    Migrating to and modernising systems in Cloud are two ways of reducing technical debt. Our Cloud practice can support you with planning and execution of this adoption.

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    Reducing Cloud Waste

    Take advantage of specialist cloud support and governance services to help you eliminate cloud waste, cutting your organisation’s monthly cloud spend while providing greater transparency of your carbon emissions.

    Cloud Resources

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