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Exploring the art of the possible together

As an NVIDIA partner, we can solve our customers’ greatest business and IT challenges with industry-leading accelerated computing and graphics solutions.

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We offer NVIDIA’s full-stack accelerated computing platform, enabling our customers to do their life’s work

From HPC and hybrid working solutions through to compute-intensive machine learning and AI workflows, NVIDIA has a solution for every need challenging business today and in the future.
The company’s pioneering work in accelerated computing and AI is reshaping trillion-dollar industries, such as transportation, healthcare and manufacturing, and fueling the growth of many others.

Hybrid Workspaces

Powering hybrid workspaces with NVIDIA vGPU

Today IT organizations must support a broad and diverse workforce that includes flexible, hybrid offices, as well as mobile users. NVIDIA vGPU products allow IT to centralize data and applications in the data center and extend the reach of VDI to the entire workforce, delivering virtual workspaces with improved IT manageability, security, and performance that increases user satisfaction and reduces support costs.

Enterprise AI

Revolutionizing the future of industries with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming every industry; improving customer relationships in financial services, streamlining manufacturer supply chains, helping doctors deliver better outcomes for patients and much more. Yet, while most organizations know they need to invest in AI to secure their future, many struggle with finding the strategy and platform that can enable success.
NVIDIA’s AI technology is providing enterprises throughout the world with the compute power, tools, and algorithms to realize their AI-fueled ambitions.

Smart Spaces

We make the impossible possible!

We deal with spaces and cities with the aim to deliver operational efficiency and safety & security. Our mission is to turn all your IoT/CCTV data into valuable insight. Computer vision today is solving unsolvable problems in all industries transport, retail, manufacturing, Logistics, public spaces, etc… – Leveraging NVIDIA Metropolis end to end stack and the expertise of Softcat we bring you 100s of proven AI solutions.

“"As one of the UK’s leading VAR’s Softcat delivers transformational and innovative solutions to its customers. NVIDIA, with its leading-edge, certified, portfolio of future ready solutions for AI, virtualisation, visualisation, HPC, and edge technologies, aligns with Softcat’s aims and objectives, allowing Softcat customers to get best of breed technologies to solve modern-day complex business problems successfully.””

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