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Healthcare and Local Government Hub


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Welcome to the Healthcare and Local Government Hub

With healthcare and local government converging, we are here to help you navigate the complexities of the Health and Care Act 2022. That’s why we’ve evolved our own approach, merging our Healthcare and Local Government teams.

and Local Government HUB

We’ve created the Healthcare and Local Government Hub for senior leaders in NHS Trusts and local authorities, so you can get ideas, inspiration, and guidance on using modern digital technology to deliver integrated health and social care.

ICG Pillars

Our approach is divided into four core pillars: Digitise, Secure, Connect and Transform.

Our experienced Healthcare and Local Government team helps Health and Social Care providers achieve their organisational goals. We offer a full suite of services to help you digitise, secure, connect, and transform. These pillars can be applied in sequence as an end-to-end programme, or they can be applied individually to improve specific areas.

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We're here to help you drive the cultural, practical, and technical change that's needed for digital transformation. We have extensive experience working with local authorities and NHS Trusts, so we know exactly how to support you in your efforts to deliver modern digitised care.

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We deliver bespoke and realistic security solutions to safeguard your systems, services, and data. Using our pragmatic approach, we help you meet your safe practice, security, and data protection goals by focusing on making the most of your current systems and investments.

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Being connected is the key to success. We can help you design and implement customised connectivity and networking solutions that keep your front-line workers connected to the data and systems they need. While citizens and patients enjoy more convenient ways to access health and social care.

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With our innovative technology, we are able to help our customers improve care outcomes. Working with industry-leading data and analytics partners, we enable you to turn data into insights and intelligence into proactive care.

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Discover how we help hospitals

By utilising the latest technology advances, you can ensure connection and awareness remains even in remote environments. Individual healthcare professionals, full teams, support operatives and all the equipment required at various locations can be monitored, tracked, and communicated to anytime.

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