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Advisory Services are all about taking a broader look at your strategic objectives and identifying areas across your organisation where small changes can have a huge impact on overall success. It's the catalyst to ensuring the right conversations are had and the right outcomes are achieved.

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Softcat provide you with access to experienced experts who can support your business objectives.

Account Chief Technologists (ACT)

Our ACT teams are masters in their field and will be with you throughout the entirety of your journey to offer wider business support beyond ‘just’ technology solutions.

Partner Network

We have an eco-system of partners who can support in the delivery of projects or implementation of technologies, enabling your teams to focus on strategic work that drives your business forward.

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Softcat identify and understand technology

Technology Specialists

We are here to assess and identify the best combination of technology and services across Hybrid Infrastructure, Digital Workspace, and Cyber Security domains, to help you accomplish your desired outcome.

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Assessment Services

Our Assessment Services help you uncover the potential for change in your environment, with recommendations on how to get there.

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Softcat deliver return on investment, mitigate risk and manage cost.

We identify three key challenges when it comes to mitigating risk and demonstrating commercial return on investmentnfrom technology.

1. Creating sustainable cost models that reduce risk of fluctuations and enable consistent financial planning.

2. Demonstrating a return on investment for time, resource and cost associated with change.

3. To mitigate and manage risk to the highest possible level and to have a sufficient recovery plan in place, should unforeseen circumstances occur.



  • Architecture Services

Solving your technical problems and achieving tangible outcomes

  • Implementation Services

Create and configure technology solutions that inspire change from day one

  • Support Services

Responsive, reliable and expert technical support to keep your systems and your business running

  • Managed Services

Getting the maximum out of every IT investment