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Explain IT: Season 3, Episode 4 - Cyber Espionage

Is your intellectual property at risk?

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In this episode we dive into the world of cyber espionage and look at how it’s impacting organisations today. Host Zac Abbott welcomes experts Adam Louca, Softcat’s chief technologist for cyber security and Zeki Turedi, EMEA technology strategist at CrowdStrike and together they chat about the essential ways to protect your organisation from the growing, and often hidden, threat of cyber espionage.

  • Cyber espionage is a specific, advanced type of threat that exceeds more basic cyber attacks.
  • Threat actors are generally looking to dig deep into an organisation’s network with the aim of stealing information to advance their own capabilities.
  • Cyber espionage can take place over a long timeframe without an organisation realising the threat actor is there. They can infiltrate deep into an infrastructure and render it totally untrustworthy, even after remediation has been carried out.
  • It is important to understand if you are likely to be targeted by cyber espionage, and if so, to ensure you have an understanding of what the threat actor’s techniques may be and have a control layer to detect it. Having a good plan is imperative.
  • E-crime is growing - the UK government is investing heavily in helping organisations protect their data from nation-state threat actors.
  • Attackers are evolving – it is becoming easier for them to learn from other threat actors and carry out similar attacks. 



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