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Explain IT: Season 3, Episode 8 - Ask Us Anything - Part 1

We answer YOUR questions

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In this episode we hand the reins over to our listeners and answer some of the burning questions they have for us. In the first of our two-part ‘Ask Me Anything’ show, host Zac Abbott is joined by some of Softcat’s Chief Technologists, Craig Lodzinski, Adam Harding, Adam Louca and Dean Gardner. Together they look at how cybersecurity threats have changed; cloud strategy and the potential limits of cloud storage; and our new home working arrangements, including the argument over productivity tracking and how our future offices may look. 

  • Cybersecurity continues to evolve, with threats such as ‘double extortion’ becoming more mainstream. Threat actors will hold the risk of reputational damage and fines over the targeted organisation, with the threat of leaking the data they have obtained.
  • The way we operate and manage Cloud is changing. Organisations should look not at managing the storage, but focus on how they are managing the data they need to store.
  • Consumption-based services are increasing, and with that comes a regular influx of new updates and features. It is important to have the right tools to provide you with recommendations on which are worth using to add value to your organisation. 
  • The pandemic got us ‘back to basics’. Now is the time to start looking at building on that base level and focusing on user experience for remote workers.
  • Productivity tracking and employee monitoring is a rising trend, and with remote working now a viable alternative, it is important that organisations use them to enhance their culture, rather than place pressure on employees.
  • How will the future office look? Having experienced a need for a fully remote workforce, it’s a proven fact that employees can be productive, wherever they work. Employers should equip a workforce to be ‘remote-ready’, for any eventuality whereby remote working is required.



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