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Explain IT: Season 3, Episode 6 - The Power of cloud technology

How is cloud technology being used to combat a global pandemic?

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In this episode we look at the versatility of cloud technology and how it’s helped in the fight against coronavirus and how these changes might benefit the future. Dean Gardner, Softcat’s chief technologist for cloud and Wayne Phillips, worldwide public sector partner manager at AWS join host Zac Abbott to share their thoughts and expertise on the matter.

  • Covid-19 has encouraged businesses to move faster in making changes to their cloud technology, bringing forward updates to their infrastructure to support their staff and new ways of working.
  • The public sector has been heavily supported by cloud technology through services such as the roll out of telemedicine in Wales, changes to how education is delivered and HMRC’s furlough scheme.
  • Virus testing will use cloud technology and AI to facilitate a quick and accurate way of testing the population regularly and efficiently. This will demonstrate a huge development that would not have been possible a few years ago.
  • Cloud infrastructure has got a great capacity, is resilient and secure, offering a fast and efficient way to move workloads, especially critical at times of national emergency.
  • The pandemic has highlighted those organisations who need to look at how they are investing in technology as they need to react quickly to customer demands.
  • Cloud technology is accelerating, with new opportunities opening up to use it for efficiency, capacity and modernisation.



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