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Explain IT: Season 3, Episode 1 - 2020 Tech Predictions

The biggest predictions for the world of enterprise tech in 2020

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In the first episode of series three we cast our eyes over the new year and ask some of the biggest tech brains in Softcat about their predictions for 2020. Alongside host Zac Abbott, Softcat’s chief technologists share their thoughts on what may be emerging in the next 12 months. They discuss simplifying cyber security and cloud, the potential increase in AI tech, improving patient and citizen access, and balancing user freedom as well as ways to improve employee engagement

  • This year we are likely to see an increase in vendor consolidation as larger companies look to add cybersecurity to their business and smaller companies are absorbed to provide this service.
  • The focus on intelligence and combining services and solutions to create an outcome will increase, with organisations looking at problem solving and security, rather than just the latest technology.
  • There will be a theme of freedom vs control. Technologists and HR teams are increasing their collaboration to deliver modern IT experiences to improve employee engagement.
  • In the public sector, the focus will be on handing back control to the citizen, patient and student to collaborate and engage directly with care providers, local authorities, universities etc to manage their own data.
  • AI and related tech are going to increase, with organisations focusing on building operational AI platforms with technology that’s easy to deploy and cost effective. 
  • Simplification is a theme – simplifying access, services, control and the whole landscape will mean that users will be able to access the data they need in a simplified, consistent and secure way.



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