Partner Overview - Snow

Why Softcat for Snow?

Softcat's partnership with Snow is so intrinsic that we have integrated their ITAM technologies into our own services. As a Snow Platinum Partner Softcat has over 20 highly trained and knowledgeable members within our IT Asset Management (ITAM) team with a wealth of industry experience.

Softcat has a proven track record of providing tailored solutions where Snow can be consumed via either a hosted or on-premise licence. The ITAM team's in depth knowledge guarantees implementation, configuration and deployment is smooth and efficient, ensuring our customers gain maximum return on investment from the technology.

Solutions with Snow

Asset Management

Snow's highly intelligent asset management tools and next generation platform give Softcat clients complete control and visibility of their IT infrastructure.

Softcat can aid in automating SAM and ITAM processes, optimising the hardware and software estate and demonstrating Snow's commitment to a transparent and cost effective service.


Softcat simplifies the deployment of Snow Software licensing solutions to an environment.

As an expert partner, Softcat is able to provide a host of services to help organisations implement and manage their Snow Software solution. The ITAM division at Softcat has evolved from the strong foundations of compliance management to now provide services ranging from license assessments and optimisation reviews to fully outsourced SAM service desks, powered by Snow.

IT Priorities with Snow