Softcat’s Hardware Lifecycle Solutions offer a flexible and bespoke service to efficiently manage the life of your organisation’s hardware infrastructure. Our services cover hardware management, as well as logistics; we offer secure stock storage and will configure your hardware before installing and deploying it, as required. At the end of its usable life, we’ll come and decommission the hardware for you, removing it from site and replacing it with new. Our buyback service means that you can recognise the remaining value in your old assets and we take care of securely destroying, recycling and disposing of old stock for you.

Softcat's Hardware Lifecycle Solutions

 Our Service Includes


Why Softcat for Hardware Lifecycle Solutions?

Offering a simple, single point of contact for a range of hardware lifecycle and logistics management services, our solution is as flexible, and adaptable, as you need it to be. Not only do we deal with the destruction and recycling of old hardware, but we get you set up with installing and configuring the new hardware so you can continue to focus on your business priorities with no break in service.

We also deal with redeploying existing hardware, so any unused items can remain with us securely in your stock, erased, cleaned and ready to be re-deployed. Our solution is vendor neutral, we will always put your business objectives and budget first and deliver a service aligned to your priorities, offering a transparent timeline and simple, effective communication.

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