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Make the most of Mac solutions with Softcat

Five reasons Mac from Softcat can help to empower your employees.

We’re experts in not only delivering Mac, but also tailoring it to the needs of your people and organisation. As an Apple Authorised Reseller, we’re best placed to support you in the selection, deployment and ongoing management of Mac, so you can work IT your way and empower your employees to get more done.

Whether it’s the fast new M2 chip, better battery life, or seamless integration into your IT eco-systems, we can help you make the most of Mac’s better, easier way of working – and support you with our customer-centric professional services.

Below we’ve outlined the five key reasons why it makes sense to choose Mac from Softcat – and how you can confidently implement Mac into your workplace.

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Why Should You Deploy Mac in Your Business? | Workplace Agility

Powerful Mac; empowered employees

Ensure your organisation remains competitive within an ever-evolving business landscape – talk to us to find out how to make the most of Mac with Softcat.

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1. Secure by design

Apple devices are secure out of the box because they are secure by design – already integrated with the right hardware, software and services. With Mac, information stays in the right hands and company data remains safe thanks to industry-leading data protection, powerful security technologies and frequent software updates.

We can utilise Mobile Device Management (MDM) to make it easy for your IT team to deploy devices, distribute apps and books, configure settings, and ensure the security of each device. You can remotely manage and update devices over the air. If a Mac ever goes missing, you can simply – and securely – erase it.

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2. Fits right in

Mac works seamlessly in any business environment. However, while the device may fit in, it doesn’t follow the crowd. Mac is equipped to work well with your existing infrastructure, as well as with employees’ favourite business apps – from Slack, Microsoft Office 365 and VPN services to SAP and Salesforce solutions.

The compatibility doesn’t end there. Softcat can help you integrate Apple devices seamlessly with key corporate services including Microsoft Exchange so your employees can have full access to business email, calendar and contacts – across all of their Apple devices.

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3. Easy to manage

Whether it’s Apple Business Manager (ABM), which provides a fast and easy way to deploy devices to employees with zero-touch deployment and over-the-air management; or it’s the seamless integration with MDM to help you automate device deployment – Mac is easy to manage.

At Softcat, we can make things even simpler by harnessing ABM to help your IT teams administer devices, manage configuration, distribute apps and content, and secure corporate data with ease. We’ll ensure your devices can be distributed directly to employees and used right out of the box.

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4. Empowers employees

Mac is designed to give your employees a familiar experience, helping to make sure they’re productive right from turning the device on. Thoughtfully designed and intuitive to use, Mac empowers your people to do their best work – and gives them easy access to the software they need to increase productivity.

At Softcat, we can tailor a device implementation strategy to your unique requirements and reduce the workload of your IT team by leveraging ABM – enabling you to benefit from the rapid, consistent, and simple deployment of Apple technology.

5. Makes financial sense

Mac is easy to support, which can save you money. But that’s not all. By combining highly durable hardware, simple software updates and flexible financial programmes, Mac retains significant value over its lifecycle – contributing toward a lower total cost of ownership.

We work closely with Apple Financial Services to provide financing options that meet your requirements and reduce the workload of your IT teams. As well as providing you with the maximum financial benefit from older devices when you upgrade, we’ll also help you deploy your new Apple products so you can continue to focus on your business priorities with no break in service.


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Durable by design

Designed with durable materials and easy to get repaired if anything happens.

Simple software updates

Simple software updates – constantly supported with ongoing operating system updates and new software features

A high residual value

Mac retains significant value over its lifecycle, making it more affordable in the long run.

Intuitive to use

Mac is intuitive to use, making it easy for business users to do more with less help, further reducing costs.

Less work for IT

Mac can be set up and configured automatically, eliminating the need for IT to handle each device individually.

Why Softcat for Apple?

Professional Services -  As Apple Professional Services providers, our team have enterprise-specific expertise and years of experience in successfully deploying Apple products.

Lifecycle Services -  With experience at every stage of the Apple device lifecycle, we design and build brilliant end-to-end solutions that meet the needs of your business.

Apple Business Manager (ABM) - While today’s IT environment has grown increasingly complex, we can help you eliminate roadblocks in adoption by leveraging ABM.

Mobile device management (MDM) - Our in-house team works with the leading MDM vendors to enable zero-touch deployment – making Apple products simple to set up, deploy and manage at scale.

Apple Financial Services (AFS) - We can help you procure the devices your business needs by providing access to a range of flexible financing options. Find the right solution for your budget.

Accessories - We can incorporate Apple accessories into your Mac solution as part of a flexible monthly payment finance plan via AFS.

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Empower your business with Mac from Softcat

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