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Introducing device choice

Plot your path to introducing device choice with Apple

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So, what does device choice mean?

Simply put, it’s giving your employees the option to choose their devices, and in doing so empowering them to work at their best with technology they feel most comfortable with.

But it’s not all about the user. The giving of choice powers organisation-wide positive change. And offering Apple is integral to true device choice.

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Give users their preferred working device

It’s an inescapable fact that people like working with Apple technology. Given the choice, 72% of users would choose Mac over another device. When you include Apple in choice, teams from HR, finance, IT and the wider C-suite all reap the rewards.

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The definitive guide to choice

Equipped with the right devices, users are granted agency over their ability to work harder, be more creative and think differently about their day-to-day tasks and challenges.

Download our definitive guide to choice to get the full story. We don’t want to give all our secrets away, but rolling out choice means:

  • Reduced ongoing IT support overheads
  • Ease of integration
  • Improved staff retention
  • Devices that simply make people happy

Download the essential guide

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Getting choice right for your business

When it comes to device strategy, it’s essential to have something that works for your people but also your business. In our free half-day Choice Workshops, we explore choice in the context of your business. We'll discuss strategy, your users' needs and how to implement choice at your organisation.

Whether you’re considering choice for the first time, or you simply want to know more about including Apple, our Choice Workshop is the place to start.

Not sure where to go next with device choice? Contact our sales team to chat through your options.