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Surface utilises resource and their own investment into people to ensure that the products they make are suitable for purpose & inclusive for a range of needs

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PC Accessories

Adaptive design to 1st party devices and PC accessories

Surface aims to provide a personalised experience, not by making every device for everyone, but by making a Surface for you. The integration of Surface devices with accessible accessories, extended by partnerships, opens up the ecosystem for everyone.

Surface accessories

Designed for Surface accessories and 3rd party assistive technology

Surface devices are designed to be compatible with both Designed for Surface accessible accessories and 3rd party assistive technology, allowing for preference and choice in the ecosystem.

Built in accessibility

Built-in accessibility features on Windows 11

Surface hardware reflects and optimises accessibility enhancements, improving the in-app and Windows OS experience with features like high-quality microphones for dictation, video cameras for eye-control, and intuitive multi-touch screens for tactile interactions. Windows 11 is for everyone with accessible features to support vision, hearing, mobility, neurodiversity and learning.

Best of M365

Best of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365, built with AI and Azure Cognitive Services, includes built-in accessibility enhancement features, making it easier for everyone to create more inclusive presentations and communications.


Inclusive design principles

Surface prioritises embedding accessibility into the company's DNA, ensuring products and services are accessible for people with disabilities. The design approach is built-in rather than bolted on, with a focus on accessibility from the start of the development lifecycle.

Designing for one to design for billions

The belief that designing for billions starts with designing for one guides the product design. Microsoft’s inclusive design principles are leveraged to make Surface products and accessories a true platform for accessibility, aiming for equitable outcomes for everyone.

Easy unboxing experience

The packaging design team has developed Accessible Packaging Design Principles to create a more inclusive, intuitive packaging experience. This approach considers the broader perspective and heightened sensitivity to the moments that comprise the packaging journey, driving maximum accessibility and ease of use throughout the entire Out Of Box Experience (OOBE).


Research and insights collection methods

Microsoft's Inclusive Design practice operates under the principle of "Nothing About Us, Without Us," designing with the disability community. Through user experience research and insights collected by the community, products and services are created to empower people with disabilities.

Microsoft Inclusive Tech Lab

This lab is a program dedicated to inclusive design, serving people with disabilities and acting as an expression of Microsoft's commitment to accessibility. It is a space for inclusive gaming and modern life, crafted to encourage designers and engineers to include people with disabilities in their creations. The lab offers introductory tours, collaborative workshops, and inclusive design sprints with teams and studios to inspire and facilitate inclusion in their work.

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We’re committed to creating an environment where everyone can come together and be themselves. Our culture is our pride, so throughout the year we run programs and events that put the emphasis on our people, enabling hobbies, beliefs and creative thinking.

Windows 11 videos


Over the past 3 years, Softcat has been increasing our support for the accessible conversation. Watch our Accessibility Video Series to help your organisation get started in supporting your end users.


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A wide range of users can benefit from Surface’s inclusive design – and it doesn’t stop there. Accessibility is an ongoing effort, and Microsoft continually improves its products based on user feedback and evolving needs. If you have specific accessibility requirements, consider exploring the Surface lineup to find a device that suits your needs best!

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