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AI don’t think you’re ready: Show me the money!

What investments does your organisation need to make to adopt AI?

Technology adoption

Part 6
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Arran Speding

AI Specialist Lead

Six key reasons why many organisations aren't ready to adopt AI

In this blog series, we explore the six key reasons why many organisations aren't ready to adopt AI. These barriers do not necessarily undermine the transformative potential of AI; rather, they underscore the necessity for a more strategic and informed approach in embracing AI within businesses If you missed it, please go back and read the introduction blog post. This instalment focuses on the financial implications of adopting AI into your organisation.

The return on investment is not always clear

As mentioned throughout this series, AI projects often require substantial investment in more than one way, and the returns are not always immediate or easily quantifiable. First, AI's not a one-size-fits-all solution, so it's tricky to predict how it'll work out for each unique business. Then there’s the cost – it's not just about buying the tech; it's a whole system overhaul, training, and possibly changing your business processes. That's a big investment without a clear timeline for returns. Also, AI is evolving rapidly - what's hot today might be outdated tomorrow, and keeping up with this pace is tough, making long-term ROI hard to pin down.

What actions should organisations take?

Businesses should view AI as a long-term strategic investment. Kick off with crystal clear objectives – know exactly what you're aiming for, whether it's upping sales or streamlining operations. Start small with pilot projects to test the waters without going all in financially. Look for quick wins where AI can make a noticeable difference, fast, giving everyone a confidence boost and some tangible results. Upskilling your team is another smart move. The better they get at using AI, the better your outcomes. Keep a constant eye on your AI projects and be ready to pivot as needed – the AI world moves fast, flexibility is crucial.

Remember, ROI isn’t just about cash – gains in customer satisfaction, team efficiency, or your company’s reputation count too. Teaming up with AI pros, partners or vendors can give you the edge you need, offering expertise and tools that might be more cost-effective than starting from scratch. This approach keeps things strategic, balancing risks and rewards and sets you up for smarter AI investments.

To discuss this topic in more detail and to find out how Softcat can support you in your AI journey, please reach out to your Softcat Account Manager or contact our Sales team.

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