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AI don’t think you’re ready: Mind the gap

Is the expertise gap or a lack of technical skills the reason why your organisation isn’t ready to adopt AI?

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Arran Speding

AI Specialist Lead

Six key reasons why many organisations aren't ready to adopt AI

In this blog series, we explore the six key reasons why many organisations aren't ready to adopt AI. If you missed it, please go back and read the introduction blog post. This instalment is all about why the expertise gap and lack of technical skills is holding companies back when it comes to AI adoption and integration.

AI demands skilled employees

Another significant obstacle that stands firmly in the way of many businesses as they embark on their AI journey: the expertise gap. AI is a complex and nuanced field, which demands skilled employees proficient in AI and data science – individuals who can decipher and utilise vast amounts of data, develop algorithms and apply these insights to real world business scenarios. The need for such expertise is clear. However, the reality for many companies is much like searching for a needle in a technological haystack - finding and securing the right talent is where the challenge lies.

The limited availability of skilled AI professionals has led to a fiercely competitive market. These experts are rare yet greatly sought after, transforming recruitment into a competitive arena. Big players and fashionable startups usually lead the race, luring these experts with enticing perks and innovative projects. For smaller or less tech-centric companies, this can mean facing significant hurdles in attracting the right talent to drive their AI ambitions.

Is it just about investing in AI?

It's not just about investing in AI technologies; it’s equally about investing in the people who can effectively implement and leverage these technologies. For AI to be a viable and successful addition to business operations, having the right blend of skills and knowledge is crucial but many organisations are yet to possess the necessary staff to help drive this.

Softcat is able to work with your organisation as a strategic partner to help plug these gaps by providing guidance, expertise and project delivery support to help expedite your AI adoption. To discuss your organisation’s needs in more detail, please reach out to your Softcat Account Manager or contact our Sales team.

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