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AI don’t think you’re ready: Infrastructure or in-for-a-shock

Many existing IT infrastructures are not equipped to handle AI's demands

Technology adoption

Part 3
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Arran Speding

AI Specialist Lead

Six key reasons why many organisations aren't ready to adopt AI

In this blog series, we explore the six key reasons why many organisations aren't ready to adopt AI. If you missed it, please go back and read the introduction blog post and the first post on data governance and compliance.

AI places four key demands on technological infrastructure:

- High-end computing requirements: these AI models require more than just basic computing power; they need high-performance computing environments to process complex algorithms and large datasets efficiently.

- Robust network infrastructure: to leverage cloud-based or distributed AI models effectively, a strong and reliable network infrastructure is essential for seamless data transfer and real-time processing.

- Scalability and flexibility: as AI models evolve, the need for scalable and flexible infrastructure becomes paramount. Existing setups in many organisations lack this adaptability, hindering growth and expansion of AI capabilities.

- Legacy system limitations: many businesses operate on legacy systems that are not equipped to support the advanced functionalities of cutting-edge AI models, leading to compatibility and performance issues.

Plenty of existing IT infrastructures are not equipped to handle these demands, making significant upgrades or overhauls necessary, which can be costly and complex.

How can your organisation prepare for AI adoption

First up, assess your horsepower – that means checking if your computers and servers can handle the heavy lifting AI demands. If there’s a laptop or server refresh approaching, make sure you’re looking into fit-for-purpose machines that can support the use of AI; some of Softcat’s key partners such as Dell, HPE, Intel & NVIDIA anticipated the explosive popularity of AI and have accounted for the necessary computing capabilities in their offerings.

Scalability is a big deal too; you want a setup that grows with you as AI tech evolves, so give some time to deciding between on premises or cloud solutions. Think about your network as well – it needs to be fast and reliable because as we know, AI loves to munch and crunch on big data.

Budget-wise, aim for the sweet spot where you balance cost, performance and future scalability, make sure you get the most bang for your buck without going overboard. And lastly, make sure the new gear plays nice with your existing tech. It’s all about making the transition to AI as smooth as possible without any hiccups.

To discuss this topic in more detail and to find out how Softcat can support you in your AI journey, please reach out to your Softcat Account Manager or contact our Sales team.

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