Event Name:
NSX Fundamentals Online
19th May 2016
2:00pm - 3:00pm


VMware NSX network virtulisation delivers for networking what VMware has already delivered for compute and storage. NSX enables virtual networks to be created, saved and delated and restored on demand without requiring any reconfiguration of the physical network.

Be part of this one-hour virtual event and discover how to bring the operational networking model to the level of a virtual machine, so you can transform the economics of network and security operations. It's your chance to further your knowledge in Software Defined Networking at no cost to you and from the convenience of your desk. 


Join this webcast and learn:

  • What is the software-defined data centre and what role will network virtualisation play
  • How NSX transforms the data centre network operational model by simplifying network operations
  • The benefits of deploying virtualised networks to reduce services provisioning from days to minutes


Don’t miss this opportunity to hear about the various use cases and IT outcomes of VMware NSX

Also get access to:

  • Latest NSX resources such as eBooks, tech tips and whitepapers
  • Test-drive VMware NSX in the Hands-on Labs Online
  • Chat with VMware NSX experts


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