Hybrid Infrastructure

A hybrid infrastructure of on-premise datacentre and public cloud computing is efficient and provides an excellent user experience. Getting the right mix for your specific requirements is important in order to maximise the potential of your infrastructure, supporting and enhancing your business objectives with an effective, agile environment.

Best practices

Creating a clear plan of what belongs in your public cloud and what should remain on-premise is the starting point to creating your ideal environment. Our approach gives you the building blocks that you need to create an effective, successful mix of on-premise and public cloud.

Understanding your current position is important to develop a fit-for-purpose infrastructure, assessing your on-premise technologies as well as public cloud services. We use a gap analysis to understand where you have opportunities to evolve your hybrid infrastructure strategy for today and into the future.


  • Agility – adapt and change quickly.
  • Scalability – scale up and down with cloud.
  • Control – retain all critical internal operations.
  • Cost – only pay for what you need in public cloud.

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