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iPad for healthcare

Delivering more effective, personal and connected care

Apple   Healthcare

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Today’s challenges in healthcare — including ageing populations, chronic conditions, and health inequalities — are calling for fresh ideas in medical care. Technology is helping medical professionals come up with the solutions to meet the changing needs of patients and support them in leading more fulfilling lives.

iPad with apps is empowering clinicians to connect anywhere and deliver more personalised care to people. They’re accelerating patient journeys by providing access to clinical data when and where it’s needed. iPad and innovative apps are also helping expand the reach of medical research and enabling patients to play a deeper role in their medical futures by managing their own health.

Softcat is supporting medical professionals transform healthcare delivery for today’s challenges by using iPad and EPR apps. Our industry experts help customers harness Apple Business Manager to simplify device management, and they work closely with Apple Financial Services to ensure clients can see all the options available.

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Shaping the future of healthcare

We’re changing how we think about healthcare. iPad with apps is rewriting clinician and patient relationships, giving both parties greater control in achieving better long-term health.

In this digital document, we’ll investigate how iPad is placing the future of healthcare in our hands.

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Why Softcat for iPad?

  • We are an apple authorised reseller
  • Offers guidance on how best to leverage Apple Financial Services
  • Provides expert support in using Apple Business Manager
  • Eliminates roadblocks, helping specify, deploy and manage devices
  • Helps with iPad apps, automation and digitising processes
  • Supports maximising the sustainability of device life cycles

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