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Virtual desktops & applications

Available from any device, using any cloud

Our virtual desktops and application publishing solutions allow you to access corporate Windows 10 and Linux desktop and applications anytime, anywhere.

Desktop virtualisation

Enable mobile, flexible ways of working by separating devices from operating systems.

Virtual desktops give your workforce the freedom to work how they want, where they want and when they want. Our solutions are centrally provisioned and managed, meaning your organisation can provide secure access to a full desktop experience without compromising control.

Application publishing

Streamline experiences by only presenting the applications required.

The key to productivity is providing quick access to the tools your employees need. Applications are published from a central location, in the cloud or on-premises, with a simple interface, making working on the go, collaborating and communicating, that much easier.

Cloud desktops

A simple secure full desktop experience, on any public cloud platforms.

Enabling cloud-based desktops is one of the quickest ways to launch a virtual desktop or application publishing service for your business. Our solutions cover managed, unmanaged and ‘as-a-service’ functionalities – with options for hourly or monthly billing, depending on what works best for you.


Cater to everyone’s working day and ensure a positive experience for all.

Desktop and application virtualisation creates a finely tuned ecosystem of technologies, with unique settings for specific workstyles and scenarios. The ability to monitor everything from login times, to how quickly applications launch, can help your business respond quickly, or even preempt, problems before it impacts productivity.

Why Softcat

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Unbiased reviews and analysis of use cases to better understand the potential value of virtual desktops and applications publishing in your IT strategy.

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Our experience in optimising technology options quickly, giving us more time to focus on delivering solutions.

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A deep understanding of the supporting services and technologies that need to be integrated into the process for versatile solutions.

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Coordination between other in action projects, technology stacks and services, ensuring cost optimisation and streamlined manageability.

“A robust, secure and highly accessible digital workspace is essential for business resilience and business excellence in the remote-ready era.”


Our extensive network comprises the largest technology firms and exciting new names delivering pioneering solutions

Find out how you can empower your business with Softcat.