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Hybrid Infrastructure

Helping you simplify the complexity of Hybrid Cloud

Combining our No1 VAR pedigree with cloud first skills to guide you in selecting the right balance of connected and secure technology platforms
Our Hybrid Infrastructure Solutions

Softcat is leveraging Hybrid Cloud to help customers

Increase pace of change

Reduced forensic analysis time from days to hours with a digital forensic platform on AWS for a UK Government Organization

Get time back

Nuffield Health has saved around three FTE hours each day, and now spend less than one FTE hour each day checking issues

Reduce cost

Read how one of our customers saved £270K using a cloud data management solution vs traditional on-premises technology for Splash Damage

Increase sustainability

Sustainability is the new currency for IT decision making and we help our customers ensure their choices balance this with cost, risk and other objectives

Cloud laptop

Introducing Softcat Cloud Services

Our Cloud Services are designed to support your many different phases of growth and maturity by providing access to capabilities that address your typical goals or challenges, some of which are shown to the right.

We allow you to leverage our investments in skills, tooling and automation and crucially benefit from some of our unique service features – such as, Innovation Points, a scheme where Softcat re-invests your spend to support your innovation initiatives with funding towards further Softcat engagements or with our specialist partners.


Softcat can support you on every stage of your cloud journey

1. Discover

Every customer journey starts with an idea.

We’ll help you bring yours to life by understanding what you want to achieve; advising on the best way to succeed; then using tools and data to assess the task of getting there.

2. Design

Next, we design a solution to bridge the gap.

Including how the technology and service should be aligned. We’ll factor budget, dependencies, existing investments, risk and effort to ensure the right balance for you.

3. Deliver

Then we bring your solution to life.

We can help with everything from sourcing to deployment & migration, while sharing skills & expertise as-we-go to ensure your teams are up-to speed from day one.

4. Operate

Our services to keep your solution up and running.

Our cloud-first engineers can manage your solution efficiently for you if. Our priority is to always optimise what you have and to achieve the objectives you need it to.


We partner with world-class vendors to deliver the market-leading hybrid infrastructure solutions to our customers.

Find out how you can empower your organisation with Softcat