When making a choice of partner, you should start from the top. Softcat is the number one European partner for Cisco, meaning our experienced, certified team of experts should be the first conversation you have when you are looking at technical services to support the full breadth of Cisco's Enterprise Networking, Security, Data Centre and Collaboration portfolio.

Why Softcat for Cisco Support?

It is the simplicity, service quality and economies of scale within support contracts that have convinced over 1,000 Softcat customers to make the most of our long-term relationship with Cisco and the support we offer: • Over 120 engineers • 80 Operational Centre Engineers • A dedicated Support Services Team • Over £500m of support inventory. Softcat has invested in making this part of our Services business the best available. This has been recognised by Cisco through our EMEA Award and by our customer with our 99% customer satisfaction rating.

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