Corporate social responsibility

Sticking our neck out for good causes

About Softcat

We consider our social commitments a critical component to the culture we have fostered at Softcat.

We split this responsibility into three distinct areas:

Charitable activity

Since we began nominating an annual charity in 2007 we have raised over £1.5m for good causes including:

  • Wooden Spoon Cancer Care Unit
  • Helen and Douglas house
  • Harry Mills
  • EducAID Africa
  • Save the Children - Haiti
  • Dreams Come True
  • Comic Relief

During our last sales incentive to Cambodia and Vietnam we visited the Sra Srang Elementary School in the Sra Srang province of Cambodia who prior to the trip had received a £20,000 donation from Softcat. The money was used to begin construction on a new school library and fund several scholarships. During the two days we spent at the school, 35 of the Softcat team had the privilege of spending time with the pupils whilst helping finish the library and renovate six classrooms. Our people are encouraged to take an active role in charitable work and participate fully in the fund raising we undertake.

Environmental activity

Our “green team”, managed by our Chairman, is responsible for raising the green agenda across the company. We have a duty to act responsibly towards customers, staff, suppliers and the public with regard to the effect that business operations may have on the environment. 

We take nothing for granted and have examined all elements of the operation, implementing practices as wide ranging as recycling our tea bags in the office ‘wormery’ for compost to choosing the most fuel efficient pool cars. Our efforts have even featured positively on a Channel 4 documentary covering green credentials of UK businesses.

Looking after our people

The culture at Softcat is one in which we take much pride. A huge amount of effort goes into making sure employees are happy with their working lifestyle. Our MD personally conducts an annual employee survey, the results of which shape the decisions we take. Our open plan office reflects our open culture. With every member of the Director team available and visible, information flow and team spirit is second to none, and issues are dealt with and resolved quickly. We recognise the achievements of all and are keen to give praise both informally and formally through company awards.

This effort culminated in the accolade of being The Sunday Times No.1 Best Company to Work For in 2010, and more recently the ranking of 8th place in Europe's Best Workplaces list, out of hundreds of companies in 19 countries.

We believe that recruiting the right people and then working as hard as we do to retain them directly correlates with the levels of commitment and service we then show our customers.