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The Benefits of AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace is a Digital Curated Catalogue hosted by AWS where customers can quickly launch pre-configured software within a few clicks.

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Liam Bryan

Liam Bryan

AWS Marketplace Executive

AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace is a Digital Curated Catalogue hosted by AWS where customers can quickly launch pre-configured software within a few clicks. The Marketplace is home to over 1,600 Independent software vendors (ISVs) and over 10,000 software listings, offering software solutions in over 40 categories, including Security, Data management, Operating Systems, Machine Learning and many more.

Flexible pricing models

AWS Marketplace also simplifies software licensing and procurement with flexible pricing options and multiple deployment methods. This allows you to meet your budgetary needs and pay only for what you use in flexible contract models or pay-as-you-go. AWS Marketplace also allows for volume discounts for longer commitments and consolidated services or fixed-term options. In essence, it really pushes simplicity and flexibility with procurement and payment options.

Easy and Secure Deployment

The Marketplace also allows for a very seamless and secure deployment. It enables customers to deploy instantaneously anywhere in the world whilst also providing scalability options allowing customers to stretch or shrink their environment as needed.

Single, consolidated bill

AWS Marketplace offers integrated billing that provides a simple and unified dashboard where all costs are presented. The Marketplace is designed to prioritise simplicity and ease for customers across all aspects of its platform while remaining flexible enough to meet individual needs.

Using Softcat for AWS Marketplace

As a Consulting Partner with AWS Marketplace, Softcat is part of the CPPO Program (Consulting Partner Private Offer). This allows customers to purchase software solutions in AWS Marketplace directly from Softcat and leverage our discounts.

Softcat will help you modernise and accelerate your migration to AWS by finding the right solution or product for your business needs.

Softcat ranked number 1 in the UK & EMEA for the number of CPPOs closed in 2022 and ranked in the top 3 in revenue. We were the first company to hire an AWS Marketplace Specialist and have now added a second specialist to the Marketplace team. We have maintained consistently high performance in AWS, and our investment in Marketplace continues to prove to be a great choice.


As mentioned, the Consulting Partner Private Offer (CPPO) mechanism allows Softcat to provide customers with significantly discounted offers nearly instantly, streamlining the procurement process and typically reducing the sales cycle by approximately 50%.

The combination of AWS Marketplace and Softcat complement each other perfectly in providing customers with a seamless software procurement journey.

Independent Software Vendors (ISV) Discounts

Thanks to our accreditations and relationships with ISVs, we can provide substantial discounts on software products which average at about 30% per deal. We also have incentives with specific ISVs, which open up more significant discounts for customers that they could not get through any other channel.

Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) Burndown

AWS Marketplace also allows customers to burn down their Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) commit, which is a massive benefit and a huge factor in why enterprise customers are using AWS Marketplace as their main procurement route.

For customers who signed their EDP agreement before 1st April 2022, 50% of all Marketplace purchases can be applied towards fulfilling this commitment, thereby unlocking additional discounts.

Post-April 2022, customers can burn down 100% of their EDP commit with AWS Marketplace purchases, although capped at 25% of the total EDP.

By partnering with Softcat, we can support customers in utilising their marketplace purchases in the best and most cost-effective way possible to ensure they meet their commitment.


Softcat is one of the leading Marketplace Resellers in the UK & EMEA. Our combined knowledge and expertise in partnership with AWS and ISVs allow us to support customers in their cloud transformation journeys whilst simplifying their procurement routes with significant discounts.

If you would benefit from learning more, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at, and one of our specialists will be delighted to support you with your queries.