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Crown Commercial Service Back Office Software  One lot covering the supply of: Software including SaaS, as well as support & maintenance and contract renewals for existing software – including (but not limited to): Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Capital Management
Crown Commercial Service Big Data and Analytics  Lot 2 - Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software for Big Data and Analytics Capabilities
Crown Commercial Service Digital Outcomes and Specialists 6  Lot 1 - Digital Outcomes, Lot 2 Digital Specialists, Lot 3 - User Research Studios
Crown Commercial Service G-Cloud 13  Lot 1 - Cloud Hosting, Lot 2 - Cloud Software, Lot 3 - Cloud Support
Crown Commercial Service Technology Products and Associated Services 2  Lot 3 - Software and Associated Services, Lot 4 - Information Assured Products and Associated Services, Lot 5 - Health and Social Care Technology, Lot 6 - Education Technology, Lot 7 - Sustainability and Circular IT, Lot 8 - Technology Catalogue
Crown Commercial Service Technology Services 3  Lot 1 - Technology Strategy and Services Design, Lot 2 - Transition and Transformation, Lot 3a - Operational Services - End User Services, Lot 3b - Operational Services - Operational Management Services, Lot 3c - Operational Services - Technical Management, Lot 3d - Operational Services - Application and Data Management, Lot 4 - Major Services Transformation Programmes
Crown Commercial Service Vertical Application Solutions  Lot 1 - Business Applications, Lot 2 - Education, Community Health and Social Care Solutions, Lot 3 - Housing, Environmental and Planning Solutions, Lot 5 - Blue Light Solutions
Crown Commercial Service Network Services 3 Lot 4c - Contact Centre Solutions
Health Trust Europe Complete IT 3 One lot covering the supply of: Enterprise level Information Communication Technology Solutions (ICT) for hardware, software, programs, applications, security, computer science, managed services, consultancy and associated services
JISC JISC Network Equipment framework (JANET) Lot 5 - HPE, Lot 7 - Palo Alto, Lot 8 - Check Point
KCS Software Products and Associated Services 2 One lot covering the supply of software (including but not limited to): Microsoft Software, Security Software, Commercial off-the-shelf Software ‘COTS’, Accounting Systems, HR & Payroll Systems, Workflow Management Systems & Software, Bespoke Solutions, Recovery & Data Backup Solutions, Operating Systems, School Information Management Systems, Virtualisation Software, Enterprise Software & Business Applications
KCS IT Hardware & Services Lot 1 - IT Hardware, Lot 2 - Remanufactured IT Hardware, Lot 3 - Refurbished IT Hardware, Lot 4 - IT Hardware Repair, Disposal and Recycling
NEUPC HE Networking Supply and Services (HENSS) Lot 1 – Networking Equipment Only, Lot 2 – Routine / Low Value Network Projects, Lot 3 – Core Networking Projects
NHS SBS Digital Workplace Solutions One lot covering the supply of: Networking and Security, Data Centre Infrastructure, Servers and Storage, End User Computing, Third Party Software including Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Software and Bespoke / Niche Software, Training, Professional Services
SUPC IT Related Accessories & Parts (ITRAP) Various
SUPC Servers, Storage & Solutions National Agreement (SSSNA) Partnering with Fujitsu (lot 1, 2 & 3) and Dell (lot 3) On Lot 1 – Servers Only, Lot 2 – Storage Only, Lot 4 – Solutions: Converged, Hyper-Converged, Hybrid & Other Solutions (excluding HPC and DIC), Lot 5 – Resellers Solutions
SUPC Software License Resellers Agreement (SLRA) Lot 1 – Microsoft , Lot 2 – Adobe, Sub Lot 2A – ETLA agreements, Sub Lot 2B – Other Adobe products, Lot 3 – VMware, Lot 4 – Other


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