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Explain IT: Season 7, Episode 5: Getting Edgy

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Season 7 Episode 5  social

With the explosive growth of internet connected devices in our everyday world, from mobile phones to cars and even our homes, we are generating massive amounts of data all the time. Traditional centralised infrastructures just can’t keep up with the pace of information. 

So how do we bring processing power closer to the source of this data to help us harness its insights? What is Edge Computing and what are the benefits and challenges of it, and could customers use cloud instead of on-premise Edge Computing? 

In this episode our host Helen Gidney, Softcat’s Head of Architecture Services is joined by Gary Hawkins, Softcat’s Chief Technologist - Cloud and Datacentre and Luke Price, Partner Technical Specialist at IBM to answer these questions and talk tech in simple jargon free language.

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