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Explain IT: Season 5, Episode 7: Threat Intelligence


Networking & Security

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Podcast S5 e7

Welcome to another episode of Softcat’s Explain IT podcast.


We are here to Explain IT. Our team of experts will be here to talk tech in simple, jargon free language. We’ll be discussing new trends and ideas as well as solutions to everyday problems in this fascinating and ever changing world of tech.


This is the third episode of our security trilogy and this time we're talking about cyber security espionage. The need for threat intelligence for business survival is absolutely critical. It is where data is collected, processed, and analysed to understand a threat actor's motives, targets, and attack behaviours. Threat intelligence enables us to make faster, more informed, data-backed security decisions and change their behaviour from reactive to proactive in the fight against threat actors.


This episode is hosted by Adam Louca, Softcat's chief technology officer. Adam is joined by Oliver Fairbank, head of analysis from Orpheus and Alex Lewis from Softcat's cyber services business team.



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