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Explain IT: Season 2, Episode 7 - Rise of the Machines

Are the machines taking over?

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In this episode we take a look into the future of AI and how it might affect organisations and individuals. Host Michael Bird is joined by Dean Gardner, Softcat’s Chief Technologist for cloud as well as Joe Baguley, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer EMEA at VMware, a cloud computing company. Together they discuss the ethical side of AI as well as its potential for development, and also its limitations.

  • There are two types of AI – artificial general intelligence, which looks to replicate the same processes as a human, which is a long way off yet, and task-specific AI, which is focused on one process.
  • The rise in AI will see machines replacing tasks in order for humans to provide better experiences to their customers, augmenting and complementing the human effort. 
  • For AI to be effective, you have to teach it, inputting a huge amount of data – it can then process it faster than a human brain, making AI a good fit in medical and legal professions, but the possibilities are wide and varied for using AI in a range of organisations.
  • Organisations can prepare for the rise of machines by ensuring their data is accessible and ready to input to machines in order for them to learn and create efficiencies within their business.
  • Resilience is key to preparing for the future - in your organisation and your people, to be adaptable to, and ready for, change.
  • AI will never be able to learn creativity; human emotion, artistic creativity etc is not something that AI will be able to do.



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