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Explain IT: Season 2, Episode 6 - Supply Chain Attacks

Supply Chain Attacks. What is it, how did it come about and how can you stop them?

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In this episode we dig into supply chain attacks – we look at their history, their potential impact on organisations and the steps we can take to protect against attacks. Softcat’s Chief Technologist for Security, Adam Louca, and Senior Security Consultant at XQ Cyber, Rob Hillier join host Michael Bird to offer their expert advice and guidance as well as looking at what we might expect from the future of supply chain attacks.

  • A supply chain attack is an attack on information that feeds into or out of your organisation, with the intent of damaging that organisation.
  • Supply chain attacks are not a new phenomenon – they can take on many guises and are an effective type of attack to disable a group without using a directly offensive approach.
  • The supply chain is the least secure part of your information flow. Understanding who is in your supply chain and what risk they pose to you is key – what data you’re sending to them, and what they’re sending to you.
  • Supply chain attacks are only going to increase as attackers develop more sophisticated ways to access an organisation’s network.
  • Protecting yourself means getting the basics right – understanding your IT environment means you can build the right defence.
  • Look at developing robust policies and procedures so you can control who is on your network and the data they can access.



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