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Explain IT: Season 2, Episode 4 - Security Trends

What is trending in the world of security, and how can your organisation protect itself?

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In this episode we look at some of the major security threat trends and hear some real life examples of when things have gone wrong and how to avoid similar situations. Host Michael Bird is joined by Matt Helling, Softcat’s head of cyber security services and Dan Wiley, head of incident response at Checkpoint, a leading provider of cyber security services. Together they look at practical ways to protect yourself from threats, and look ahead to how security threats are developing and what to expect in the future.

  • We look at five security threats – advanced ransomware attacks – social media ransom targeting etc; application cloud attacks; infrastructure cloud attacks; phishing and RDP compromises.
  • Ransomware attacks are becoming more advanced, threatening not just an organisation’s infrastructure, but their social media and ecommerce reputation.
  • Traditional security controls are still required on cloud platforms, there are vulnerabilities that can make your cloud infrastructure open to attacks.
  • Two factor authentication is a must, but those two devices must be completely isolated from each other.
  • Breaking down barriers between silos in organisations is crucial for cyber security – talk, question and think about what’s being asked of you.
  • - Making security central to everything you do as an organisation is essential – build it into the fabric of your business.



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