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Explain IT: Season 2, Episode 3 - The Future of IT in Healthcare

What is the future of IT in healthcare?

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In this episode we talk about some exciting developments in healthcare IT. Host Michael Bird looks at the structure of the NHS and some of the challenges they face, together with Phillipa Winter and Brett Walmsley from Bolton Foundation NHS Trust and Softcat’s Chief Technologist for healthcare, James Seaman. They also explore some of the user-centred innovations that the Trust has used to assist clinicians and patients with E-obs as well as hospital entertainment, and the possibility of rolling these things out to other Trusts.

  • The NHS is run by a number of regional Trusts, who all operate individually, so they each have their own regional focus and different funding opportunities.
  • People are at the centre of the systems in which the NHS operates – each clinical pathway will be different, depending on the patient – not everything can be automated or planned and one size does not fit all.
  • Bolton Foundation NHS Trust start with asking the clinicians what they need, rather than opting for the newest tech – in this way they provide something which meets their needs in a practical way - user-centred designs are key.
  • Artificial intelligence is assisting with electronic observations, or Eobs, to feed information directly into records and issue alerts automatically.
  • Bolton Foundation NHS Trust have linked up the patient entertainment system with the new Wi-Fi initiative, allowing patients to bring and use their own devices.
  • NHS Digital will be releasing an app to keep users connected to their health record and information via their own devices.



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