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Explain IT: Season 2, Episode 1 - 2019 Tech Predictions

Our Tech Predictions For 2019

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In this episode Explain IT returns for a second season with host, Michael Bird, where he's joined by some of Softcat's Chief Technologists; Craig Lodzinksi, Dean Gardner, Dylan Foster-Edwards and Adam Harding. This episode kicks off the new year with a focus on the team's predictions for technology in 2019, separated out into our four IT priority areas; Hybrid Infrastructure, Digital Workspace, Cyber Security and IT Intelligence. Each of the guests discuss their predictions for the year, giving it a score out of 10 on how likely it is we'll still be discussing the topic this time next year.

  • Before you start, look at what your business is aiming to achieve so that you can select the cloud provision best suited to you, and ensure that it’s efficient.
  • There is no one right or wrong way to move to cloud. And there are many different cloud variations – pick one that is the best fit with your organisation’s business objectives.
  • The ‘lift and shift’ approach – simply moving all your VMs into cloud – probably won’t be the most efficient or cost effective approach. Think about how you plan to develop your business into the future.
  • Consider the applications you use – do you need to use them? Could they be used in a more efficient way? Do you need something different? Moving to cloud is a perfect time to introduce efficiencies.
  • Hybrid cloud is a great way to maintain an on-premises infrastructure whilst also having a public cloud presence. This means workloads can be moved over in a more organic way.
  • There’s a five step process for a successful move to cloud: discover, design, deliver, operate, innovate.



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