Softcat’s Electronic Content Management gives you an on-premise or hosted virtual filing cabinet to reduce your paper consumption and free up your valuable space and time. This system replaces and automates traditional paper filing with an intelligent, simple, digital document management process that securely stores your documents and can quickly recall them when required.

Softcat's Document Management Solutions

Our Electronic Content Management Process

Our  Electronic Content Management has a three-step process for smooth and efficient document storage.

 Our Service Includes


Why Softcat for Electronic Content Management?

We understand that lost and misfiled documents cause frustration are costly and can take up valuable time, so our system is tailored to your needs to ensure that your documents are secure, simple to find, and easy to manage. Our dedicated team of experts will first understand your organisation's objectives and processes, and then work with you to build a bespoke solution to achieve a flexible, cost-effective document management system. You’ll then have access to an intelligent dashboard to see exactly how the system is operating and whether any changes are required.

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