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Navigating NHS Challenges: Strengthening Security and Efficiency with Softcat & Heimdal

23 May 2024 at 09:30 GMT

In this webinar, we delve into the pressing challenges faced by the NHS and how Softcat's advisory services are actively addressing them

nurse security

In this webinar, we will identify the top 5 security challenges currently encountered within the NHS, shedding light on the fundamental importance of getting "the basics" right.

Introducing Heimdal's core offerings, particularly in Patch & Asset Management and DNS, we explore how these solutions play a pivotal role in fortifying NHS cybersecurity infrastructure. 

Furthermore, we will be joined by our guest speaker from Northumbria Healthcare NHS, who will delve into the critical realm of DNS security within healthcare environments, emphasizing its significance in safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring operational continuity.

Throughout the session, audience engagement is encouraged, offering a platform to address queries and foster collaborative dialogue. Join us as we navigate the complex landscape of NHS challenges and unveil actionable strategies to enhance security and efficiency.