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iPad for logistics and field workers

Empower multitasking in unpredictable conditions

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Logistics and field workers often need to complete several tasks quickly, accurately and safely on-the-fly. Plus, they regularly navigate this challenge in high-pressure situations or tough and unpredictable conditions.

With iPad, logistics and field workers are empowered to do anything, anywhere. With a choice of productivity, messaging and video meeting apps, iPad makes it simple for your employees to access multiple resources and collaborate with colleagues at all times.

Plus, IT can configure, deploy, update and wipe iPads remotely, so it doesn’t matter what little time 
staff spend at the HQ. Your endpoint devices stay secure and compliant with corporate IT polices 


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Improving the
employee experience

With everything built to work seamlessly together, iPad make it easy to multitask in any situation, and keep on schedule with assignments and projects. In this digital document, we explore how Apple devices help organisations empower logistics and field workers to work productively and collaboratively.

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