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Teams for Enterprise – powered by 8x8

Teams for Enterprise – powered by 8x8


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Teams for Enterprise – powered by 8x8

Microsoft Teams has never been more relevant for organisations, it has been instrumental in supporting our customers work from home strategies and delivered productivity at a time where it has never been more needed. 8x8’s Voice for Teams allows true Microsoft integration with everything you need from a feature rich phone system to allow enterprise voice with full global reach meaning you can get more out of your Microsoft investment and keep Teams at the centre of your users productivity toolset.


  • Get an overview of Teams in the market and how Softcat customers are delivering better collaboration to their users through the Microsoft collaboration stack
  • Hear about the history of Microsoft voice and the real life challenges it can present for customers when looking at a Teams first strategy
  • Get an understanding on how 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based PBX-to-PBX integration with Microsoft Phone System Keeping Teams at the centre of the user experience
  • See a demo of the product in action, with a focus on the analytics and integration into Teams
  • Consider the licencing implications for your organisation
  • Have the opportunity to ask any questions to our expert panel

Softcat’s Business Continuity Webinar Series

This is part of a webinar series that introduces key discussion points around security, collaboration and data management, including why it’s important to include them in your work from home strategy. We’ve engaged great industry minds from our key partners to discuss these challenges with Softcat and how best to tackle them. Sign up to our next episode here.


Mark Brooks – Microsoft Business Manager, Softcat

Amber King – Microsoft Modern Workplace Specialist, Softcat

Michaela Nankin – Collaboration Solution Specialist, Softcat

Tom Croft – Sales Engineer, 8x8