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Softcat’s Business Tech Priorities Report 2023 is ready for you to read!

Softcat’s annual Business Tech Priorities Report contains a snapshot of the enterprise and IT landscape in the UK and Ireland

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amy bain

Amy Bain

Head Of Customer Experience

The Business Tech Priorities Report 2023 is now live!

Every year Softcat publishes a its Business Tech Priorities Report containing findings from our Customer Experience Survey. This year, we heard from 4,000 customers from 2,900 organisations and 27 different industries and sectors (public and private) to gain insight into the IT landscape and how organisations are using technology to transform their operations.

“The report also details the solutions and services organisations across the UK and Ireland are prioritising over the next 12 months. Only by embracing change and remaining steadfast in our commitment to progress can we hope to thrive in this new age of digital transformation.” - Richard Wyn Griffith, Chief Commercial Office at Softcat

What are customers’ top technology priorities?

With rapid technology advancements, Cyber Security is this year’s top technology priority for 56% of respondents in 2024. This was closely followed by Devices and End User Computing (39%) and Harnessing Data (28%).

Within the report, experts from Softcat’s Office of Chief Technology Officers (OCTO) team, who specialise in each priority area, discuss the key findings and offer insight into the trends, opportunities and challenges they’re seeing. We also asked our customers to share what they consider to be their biggest challenges in the next 12 months, with the main themes concluded as people-related challenges, commercial risk, and technology experience and procurement.

Customer excellence matters to Softcat

Customer excellence is deeply embedded into our business culture. This survey is one of the many ways that we listen to our customers and use their feedback to help us learn more about what we're doing well and how we can continue to improve, as well as identifying challenges that we can support them in overcoming.

Thank you to all this year’s respondents! And to all our customers, we hope you enjoy reading our Business Tech Priorities Report 2023 as much as we did writing it.