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Softcat unboxes the #lumiabiztrial

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news Gallery Images softcat unboxes the lumiabiztrial
The Microsoft #lumiabiztrial available from Softcat has been launched to allow business to trial the latest Lumia devices from Microsoft. Softcat’s very own technical guru Craig Lodzinski unboxes the Microsoft #lumiabiztrial, containing the business ready Lumia 650, the mid-range Lumia 735 and the flagship Lumia 830.

We’ve teamed up with Microsoft to offer an exclusive 45-day trial of Lumia phones to our key customers. If you’re going to refresh your mobile handsets within the next six months, then discover why more and more businesses are moving to Lumia as their choice for business.

#LumiaBizTrial puts three Lumia phones in the hands of your business so you can experience the benefits of Lumia and Windows Phone for yourself. Included in the box are the three devices (of course) and three videos providing an introduction to help get you started, key features of Lumia and Windows Phone, and details of a free one-month trial of Office 365. We’ve also provided printed Quick Start Guides for each phone to help you get up and running right out of the box.

If you are responsible for mobility within an organisation that operates in the UK using 75 or more mobile devices or are planning to refresh your mobile estate in the next six months then get in touch today, speak to your Softcat Account manager or email