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Following the successful completion of an acquisition that was announced earlier this year, IBM has begun the transition of its server business System X, over to Lenovo. This is just the latest commitment in the pair’s already solid relationship, and is expected to take place over a five-year period. As a top tier partner with both IBM and Lenovo, Softcat is on hand to assist customers in understanding and managing this development.

Softcat’s CEO Martin Hellawell welcomed the news. “Softcat enjoys a strong business with Lenovo and a strong business with IBM. We are delighted the server range is coming together under Lenovo. Everything leads to me think that the combined operation will be at least twice as strong as the two separate entities. Lenovo certainly has an excellent track record in integrating an IBM business and making the proposition stronger for the channel and for customers. I have every confidence that the outcome will be equally positive for the channel and for customers this time around.”

Lenovo is acquiring IBM’s complete x86 server business, including products (System X racks and towers, x86 BladeCenter, x86 Flex System blade servers and integrated systems, associated software, switching and maintenance operations) and over 7,500 staff (sales, manufacturing, R&D). All sales, distribution and maintenance contracts already underway will transfer seamlessly into the new management, and IBM’s global warranty service and support offerings will also remain intact.

IBM isn’t the first of Softcat’s partners Lenovo has acquired or merged with; it recently acquired EMC2 in addition to multiple other IT providers. On-going acquisitions and product innovations have led to Lenovo becoming the worldwide number one client hardware vendor with a ready base of existing customers for desktops, laptops and tablets. Broadening its server offering was a natural next step for both Lenovo and its customers, and in acquiring System X Lenovo is now the third largest x86 server vendor in the world.

Softcat has been accredited with both IBM and Lenovo at the highest level for a number of years, and as such is ideally placed to guide customers through the transition. Along with representatives from Lenovo and IBM, Softcat will be holding various events over the coming months, more information on which will be published on shortly. In the meantime please don’t hesitate to contact your Softcat account manager or call 01628 403403 for more information.