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HPE and Softcat wave goodbye to ocean plastic

HPE and Softcat wave goodbye to ocean plastic

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Lucy Fitton-Hayward

Marketing Executive

With the current environmental crisis, and the need for us to stop creating so much unrecyclable waste, Seabins have now been invented to collect any floating rubbish in our seas. They move up and down with the tide, with water being sucked in from the surface which is then pumped back into the water leaving rubbish and debris trapped in the catch bag to be disposed of correctly.

There are now 719 Seabins installed around the UK, with 1,952.33kg of rubbish being captured per day, and a total amount of 114,916kg of rubbish collected to date.

To get involved with this fantastic work, HPE and HPI organised a Seabin launch with Softcat, weeks after we took part in a beach clean-up together. Taking place at the DunLaoghaire Yacht Club, this is the first Seabin to be installed in Ireland.

This project is a campaign from HPE, HPI and Softcat who all support local sustainability efforts to divert plastic from Irish sea.

David Francis, Senior Alliances Manager at Softcat, commented, “We’re so proud to be able to work with both HPE and HP Inc on this initiative to make sure we do our small bit for the environment. I know that across the organisations, there’s a big focus on our corporate responsibility to ensure we’re setting the right example to our employees on how to protect our planet.”

Declan Hogan, Country Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, says, “HPE is committed to putting sustainable technology in action to advance the way people live and work. We continue to drive the circular economy by considering the complete lifecycle of our products and solutions. We are delighted to partner with Softcat and the Dun Laoghaire Yacht club to support the installation of Ireland’s 1st Sea bin, we want to play our part in promoting responsible recycling in local communities in Ireland with staff, partners and customers.”

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