Discover the benefits of a multi-cloud strategy from a single source
Are you under pressure to move your complex workloads and data to the cloud? With digital change ever increasing and impacting organisations, chances are you’re being asked more and more questions about cloud. But we’re here to tell you there’s no rush to migrate everything – it’s all about the journey.

With many on-premises datacentres becoming more cloud-like, and with the consumption of SaaS applications growing, most organisations today are in fact already multi-cloud in some form. So, if you’re already in the cloud, where should you start? At Softcat, we can help you understand where you are on your cloud journey. We can help you develop a transformation plan. And we can help you adopt a multi-cloud strategy that provides the optimal mix of technology for you – wherever it needs to reside.

On-premises or in
the cloud – where do you currently stand? Let us
show you how to create simplicity from complexity with a multi-cloud strategy.

Softcat insight

Take a look at the following short videos where we’ve collated a range of Softcat perspectives on multi-cloud. These include why it’s important, and how the right strategic approach can help to simplify your complex applications, data, automation, integration and management requirements.

Andrew Cochrane
Datacentre Chief Technologist

Technical considerations of multi-cloud

Learn why it’s vital to adopt a multi-cloud mindset, and how you can use it to navigate some of the biggest technical considerations.

Dean Gardner
Chief Technologist

Why is multi-cloud important?

Find out why you need to find the right mix of technology, while understanding some of the biggest customer challenges today.

Tim Jeans
Solutions Sales Director

How multi-cloud impacts organisations

Discover how multi-cloud affects the wider business and why Softcat is the right partner to help you overcome the pain points of implementation.

Softcat perspectives

Read the articles below to see a variety of perspectives around multi-cloud, including the opportunities and challenges it presents. We share practical advice on what multi-cloud means for your organisation, and the outcomes it could offer.

It’s time to rise
above the clouds

Innovate faster, go to market quicker and operate with agility. Let us help you adopt a multi-cloud strategy – and deliver the outcomes your organisation needs.

If you’re ready to take the first steps on your journey towards realising the benefits of multi-cloud, or you have any questions you’d like to ask us, then please get in touch with us or contact your Softcat Account Manager.