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Security that connects you to a hybrid world

Protect, connect and enable your hybrid workforce

Softcat does more to protect your people and your world.

Your business is your world. And as priorities shift and you move to a hybrid working approach, you need to keep momentum to ensure your organisation stays secure and connected.

  • Your people need to be protected

  • You need to align technologies to enhance visibility across your hybrid workspaces

  • You need to ensure your people are getting the performance and experience they expect

  • You need to be sure you're getting the most from your investments

Security that stays with you

By releasing long-term value, connecting independent technologies and enabling confident, secure working, your security environment can go one better, protecting your hybrid teams no matter where they are.

Protect your people 100x100

Protect your people

Join the dots on your security assets to increase visibility on risk levels and your ability to respond to them, across disparate workspaces.

Connect your Digital Workspaces 100x100

Connect your digital workspaces

Give your teams the right network and internet access so they can securely connect to the applications needed for their role, from any location.

Enable future workstyles 100x100

Enable your future workstyles

Make sure teams get the best from each working day with easy access to applications, simple identify management and greater education to prevent potential risks.

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Self-assessment: Where could you enhance your security position?

You may have some areas that could benefit from improvements - but where would bring the most value? Take our quick self-assessment to see how you can enhance your business' hybrid workspace approach.

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Securing Your Hybrid Workers | Key considerations from Softcat

Securing your hybrid workers

Watch our video to understand the three core pillars of protect, connect, enable, and why you should consider this approach to keep your hybrid workspaces secure.

Real, relevant support for your business

With Softcat, creating your protected, connected and enabled hybrid workplace means taking a personal approach that's realistic and relevant to your individual business. We'll help you understand and prioritise what's next.

  • Invest in real partnerships to build on the progress you've made and create better security environments for hybrid working

  • Work closely together to make any necessary improvements and deliver help and advice

  • Provide managed services to monitor, detect and enable you to respond quickly to threats, whether devices are on-premises, in the cloud or on mobile

  • Set you on a path to joined-up protection around your business

  • Enable greater control over costs by making best use of what you already have

Take your step to a secure and connected hybrid workspace

If you'd like to find out how we can help you create a more secure and connected hybrid workplace, get in touch with your Softcat Account Manager.