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Hybrid cloud that works for you

Cut through the cloud for greater business value

The world is now hybrid – and you want to keep up with the pace of change.

Whether you’re already operating a hybrid cloud environment or just getting started on your journey, each decision is an opportunity to:

  • Reduce complexity of the tools and processes you use, so you can increase visibility and manage your IT environment

  • Protect against cyber threats as your data grows into connected locations and as attackers evolve their approaches

  • Reduce costs by ensuring things are sized to your needs today, not three years in the future

  • Increase sustainability, for example, by replacing legacy technology or turning things off when not in use

  • Modernising in the right way to release the true value of your hybrid investments

Rise above hybrid cloud complexity

Public cloud, data centre and your apps and data – you can’t consider one without the others. If you’re accelerating your use of public cloud, it’s often because you want to modernise your data centre, while considering the best approach for transforming your applications and use of data.

Protect your people 100x100

Modernise your data centre

When storing data across clouds, ensure you have the appropriate controls to protect and recover your sensitive information. Understanding where your data is stored, who has access to it and how you’re protecting it is key to adopting hybrid cloud confidently. So, why are only 41% of organisations are integrating data between clouds?

Storing data between clouds can expose organisations to greater cyber security risk, as there is more surface area to attack. Sophisticated attacks specifically targeting backup systems to prevent recovery and to increase the likelihood you will pay the ransom.

72% of organisations say they struggle with managing cloud, and only 25% of organisations are leveraging hybrid cloud governance and management tools.

That’s why Softcat takes a modern approach to unified cloud data management, cyber threat resilience, backup and integrated recoverability. As well as our laser focus on overall cloud governance.

Connect your Digital Workspaces 100x100

Accelerate your use of public cloud

In a recent Flexera State of the Cloud report, it was highlighted that 32% of cloud spend is wasted, 73% of organisations struggle with cloud migration, and 77% struggle with governance.

While the new breed of ‘born in the cloud’ partners have focused on digital transformation, new challenges have arisen, which many organisations are not equipped to deal with in an on-demand world.

To solve these challenges, you need a robust governance model to ensure public cloud resources remain cost effective and secure. Once this is established, you can refresh your on-premises platform and start cloud migration to reduce costs, increase sustainability and increase agility.

But a key question remains around skills and how best to blend internal and partner capabilities, as 84% of organisations still struggle with lack of resources.

Enable future workstyles 100x100

Transform your data and apps

Most cloud conversations start with the ambition to go ‘cloud native’. Organisations want to use SaaS, then PaaS, and IaaS last.

In fact, research from Flexera shows that use, experimentation and plans to use public cloud and PaaS are increasing; data warehouse has the highest adoption rate at 89%, 84% of organisations have adopted containerisation and 82% have adopted DBaaS (relational).

While cloud-first is a well-recognised approach, for most organisations the reality is often different. Going cloud native for net new applications is relatively straightforward, skills being the main hurdle. But re-factoring legacy applications is often far more complex. Organisations must overcome knowledge gaps, time constraints, high costs, and customisation hurdles to transform their applications.

That’s why we focus first on migration as a stepping stone to more permanent transformation.

Self assessment

Self-assessment: Plan your journey to hybrid cloud

Take our quick self-assessment to find out how to plan your cloud migration to release the most value for your business.

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Clarity in the cloud

Clarity in the cloud

Watch our video to understand the three core pillars of data centre, public cloud and data and apps. And learn how hybrid cloud can release business value.

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See the full picture with Softcat

Softcat helps make a hybrid cloud clear, simple and effective for our customers. To go in the right direction, you need to know where to begin – and we’re here to support at the start and at every stage along your journey.

A sharp focus on your business

We know that every business is different, and how you approach your hybrid future will be individual to you. It’s why we always start by understanding your desired outcomes – identifying the right steps forward to bring clarity to your cloud environment. Our 150+ sales specialists and framework-led approach gives you smart, detailed support at every stage, from discovery right up to on-going operation.

We can help you to:

Increase visibility and data governance

If you’re unclear on what cloud resources you have and where you’re spending, costs can quickly get out of control. The same is true for data, when you move from on-premises to cloud, you need a clear view to prevent of cyber attacks. Softcat’s cloud services and management solutions provide the visibility and governance to help mitigate these challenges.

Reduce costs

Through our strong partnerships with key vendors, we helped AA reduce its public cloud spend by 27%. We can help your organisation save too, by maximising your existing cloud investments and reducing your wasted resource

Increase the pace of change & sustainability

Our advisory and cloud native expertise can help you transform traditional and legacy business processes. Using this approach, we helped a UK government organisation reduce forensic analysis time by 80% for a single mobile phone image and reduced their storage costs by 90% by moving from on-premises to public cloud.

Be more sustainable

We’ll support you with the right platform and architectural resources to help you build efficient, consolidated solutions that reduce your technology to drive your sustainability initiatives.

Working in collaboration with our key partners

Discover greater business value

Together, we can simplify and consolidate your hybrid cloud to release greater business value. To get started, contact your Softcat Account Manager today.