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Our purpose is to understand your business; objectives, challenges and where you need support. 



From here, our team will provide first class customer experience and cloud native expertise as well as a range of unique benetis, underpinned by our extensive cloud partnerships 


A Cloud Management Platform gives your full visibility and governance of your multi-cloud environments, including SaaS.

  • Create complete transparency in your cloud environments so you can make confident decisions on optimising your cloud use
  • Centralise cloud native data from individual cloud providers management portals to simplify the way you monitor and manage your cloud estate
  • Keep on top of your key FinOps data points like overall cloud spend, trend reporting, budget and forecast variance and chargebacks to business units, so your decision making is data-driven
  • Be prepared for upcoming requirements to report on your carbon emissions and overall sustainability footprint

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We’re a Microsoft Advanced Specialisation Partner, the UK’s largest Azure CSP Partner, and an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. And we’re trusted by organisations to improve their FinOps capabilities, enabling them to improve efficiency and control costs across all their cloud platforms and services.

Why Softcat?

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"It’s hard to express just how amazing this project has been for Lyra.

Working with Softcat has been a truly collaborative experience and the speed with which Debbie, her team and their technology partners have delivered truly life-changing technologies and expertise is nothing short of remarkable."

"BB&R has worked with Softcat for more than a decade because it delivers on what it promises. It’s supported BB&R’s ambitions and helped guide its IT strategy, investments and development.

The account management provides advice that’s always on point and informed by deep sectoral knowledge – and Softcat genuinely gives the impression that it wants to help."

"Having Softcat's support saves me so much time and hassle. Softcat’s ongoing support illustrates its commitment to building a long-term relationship.

Softcat understands our business, knows how critical cost control is and does all it can to deliver the best possible solution at the lowest possible cost."

"This was a complex program of works, including multiple migrations away from legacy hosting solutions. Such complexity, tested our relationship, but the joint team worked in lock-step to forge a new partnership building a technology platform and operational service for the future needs of our business."

"The end-to-end process was extremely efficient, taking approximately 4-weeks to identify & plan for improvements in our current platform as well as highly automated onboarding into the Softcat service. The Softcat team demonstrated great expertise throughout the process, re-assuring us we were in a safe pair of hands and a valued customer."

“Our work with Softcat and Expert Thinking, has uncovered a new layer to our already long-standing partnership. We worked in close collaboration, learning lessons from each out as we went. “As with any complex project, there were some bumps along the way, but our approach to overcome these was testament to the partnership depth and expertise of the combined team.”

“The end-to-end process was extremely efficient, taking approximately 4-weeks to identify & plan for improvements in our current platform as well as highly automated onboarding into the Softcat service. In parallel to this, we worked efficiently to agree an appropriate framework with Softcat. “We’re looking forward to the future of the partnership with Softcat any many cloud based projects we can now tackle with peace of mind that we have the right controls and services to underpin our business and customer data.”

Our solutions are designed to support you:

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Getting Time Back

Softcat Managed Services can help you alleviate time pressures within your existing team by extending it with our cloud native practice for 24x7 PlatformOps.

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Reducing Tech Debt

Migrating to and modernising systems in Cloud are two ways of reducing technical debt. Our Cloud practice can support you with planning and execution of this adoption.

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Reducing Cloud Waste

Take advantage of specialist cloud support and governance services to help you eliminate cloud waste, cutting your organisation’s monthly cloud spend while providing greater transparency of your carbon emissions.

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