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AWS Platform Service


Softcat’s AWS Platform Service can help manage resources in AWS by providing you consolidated billing and access to our Cloud Intelligence Platform for advanced usage visibility, cost optimisation and governance. This platform delivers clear insights into cost, usage and risk. It enables best practice management of your AWS resources

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Consolidated Billing

This service provides access to, and consolidated billing of, Amazon’s Web Services. All AWS spend is billed by Softcat monthly-in-arrears and you will also have read-only access to our Cloud Intelligence Platform, powered by CloudHealth, for more advanced cost optimisation, reporting and governance for AWS.

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Clear Insight & Reporting

You will receive clear insight into your AWS environment allowing you to control and monitor costs and usage, and reporting will be available to support this data. You will have the option for Softcat to make recommendations around cloud waste, virtual machine rightsizing and reserved instances (RIs) which will help you strike a balance between reducing costs and maintaining high performance.

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Suitable for any AWS user

Whether you have a well-established AWS estate or you’re at the beginning of your cloud journey, this service is suitable for all sized organisations. This service lets you control your cloud spend, optimize costs and receive consolidated monthly invoices, with additional reporting and analysis from a market-leading Cloud Management platform.

Why Softcat

We can support you through our dedicated Cloud Intelligence Analyst team to help build effective reporting, achieve cost savings and build governance as an advisory service.

  • FREE View Only Access

    to and monthly-in-arrears billing of Amazon's Web Services via Softcat invoices

  • Billing Support

  • 24x7 access

    to Softcat's Service Desk for platform support

  • Access to Softcat's Cloud Intelligence Platform powered by CloudHealth

  • Online support portal to track and log calls

  • Training and guidance

    from Cloud Analyst Team on our Cloud Intelligence Platform

  • AWS Marketplace Procurement

Find out how our AWS Platform Service can empower you