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Case Study

A fast and scalable solution for Neueda

Neueda is an award-winning, trusted partner to international market leaders in public sector, private sector and capital markets where it provides digital solutions to enable its customers to transform and improve the way they do business. Founded in 2006, Neueda delivers large-scale, mission critical software projects to public and private sector clients on a global scale - leveraging its technical and domain expertise, its focus on delivering value for money and a good measure of common sense. Neueda works tirelessly to build trust, respect and partnership with its customers, employees and the communities in which it operates. Ranked in the Great Place to Work Awards 2017, Neueda takes pride in being easy to work with, being responsive and investing in both employee and customer success

The Challenge

Neueda was challenged by an Energy Company to provide and deliver a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and data analytics solution. Stephen Frazer, Service Delivery Lead at Neueda, engaged with Softcat to support with the technical architecture, design and provide an understanding for the options available for hosting such a solution.  A key requirement from Neueda was to ensure the solution was scalable and the infrastructure had to be ready within short timescales. Additionally, Neueda also wanted better uptime, this was a requirement driven by customer facing Service Level Agreements.

The Solution

Softcat’s team engaged with Stephen to both collect and understand the requirements, Softcat then recommended Amazon Web Services (AWS). The recommendation was based on two factors, the maturity demonstrated by AWS and the constant innovation delivered by AWS. The TCO of the solution made a saving of over 20% compared to the alternative non-AWS options considered.

The design recommended by Softcat was an AWS solution consisting of EC2 for compute, Relational Database Service (RDS) with MariaDB for the database layer (RDS replicas across two Availability Zones), EC2 instances backed by Elastic Block Store (EBS).   Softcat catered in the design the various APIs developed by Neueda that are hosted on Apache running on EC2 instances for integration with other parties and users.  The data analytics platform Qlik Sense is also hosted on a number of EC2 instances. Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) was also proposed for highly available data sharing between the environments.

The TCO of the solution made a saving of over 20% compared to the alternative non-AWS options considered.

The Benefits

Neueda proceeded with the implementation on AWS with Softcat. Neueda has been delighted with the solution, as it has met the requirements for rapid provisioning, flexibility and resilience. It took significantly less than 30% of the deployment time of a previously similar solution meaning that value was delivered much more quickly.

In addition to the benefits seen from speed of provisioning and platform scalability, Neueda’s other major priority was uptime driven by customer facing Service Level Agreements.  Not only has the AWS solution matched the availability requirement but it has exceeded it by 4 times as it is backed by RDS replicas across two Availability Zones. This ensured the designed level of resilience could exceed the uptime requirement.

Next steps for Neueda include working with the Softcat team on other AWS projects. With the pace of innovation on the AWS platform, Softcat will also be performing regular Well Architected Reviews on the current workloads to ensure that Neueda keeps up to date with architecture best practices and can regularly benefit from new AWS service releases.